About the Author

As an Alternative Medicine doctor, my inspiration to write this book came after having suffered as a teenager with debilitating menstrual pain. After seeing my own daughters have the same type of pain and after hearing stories from my patients who suffer with monthly menstrual pain it was time to finally create a fun way to learn how to end the suffering cycle. There is hope for you if you are suffering with period pain that at times makes it impossible to function normally. Missing school, work or any activity each month because of your menstrual cycle does not have to be your “normal” routine. This book will give you the knowledge and power to change this cycle of pain.

Cathy Margolin

Cathy 2013

About The Book

If your life is ruled by your monthly menstrual cycle, then this is your book to pain- free “Periods”. If your life is ruled by “The Pill” (that you would prefer not to take), this is your book for freedom from “The Pill”.

Throughout this book, you will be introduced to natural alternatives for menstrual cramps and PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome.) Most (but not all) of what you find here is not the mainstream jargon you will hear at a Western doctors office. Western medical schools do not teach 90% of what is introduced in this book. This is the predominant reason why you will not hear these alternatives from your Western doctor. I use terms from Eastern medicine such as “balancing the body”, “cold-uterus syndrome” and liver qi stagnation” The closest definition from a Western medicine perspective might be considered “homeostasis”. Yet, that one word does still not explain it all.

Don’t worry, it will all be explained in non-medical terms and you will have a newly found education about your body and a new found empowerment from this education.
Start reading today and start changing your life for the better.